Logan Wilde, Utah House District 53

Why did you decide to run for public office?

I saw many issues that face the Wasatch back and rural Utah that were going unresolved. I felt it was the time to step up and represent House District 53.

What is your background? Profession, skills, etc.? 

I am a cattle and sheep rancher by trade. I attended Weber State University. I have served on the Morgan County Council for the last four years, two and a half I served as chair. I also have been a board member of the Utah Association of Counties and Weber Morgan Health Department (currently serving as chair). I served as Morgan Counties Young Farmer, and was elected to the Morgan County Conservation District. While on the Conservation District, I served as the Utah Associations of Conservation Districts Principal Legislative Contact. I was also appointed to the Utah Conservation Commission. Plus other appointed and elected boards for community and state.  

What is your general experience with drug policy and substance abuse? 

Public policy is always a growing and rich experience, in the past four years I helped craft and lobby for Morgan County and Weber Morgan Health Department positions for and against new drug policy.  

Do you support the creation of a medical cannabis program? Can you expand upon your general feelings about medical cannabis?

I believe that the medical cannabis program has potential to be advanced in constructive and beneficial way to help millions of Americans. With that said, I would support any and all efforts to declassify medical cannabis from a class 1 narcotic to a class 2 narcotic.  

What steps would you take to reduce the number of overdose deaths? Do you have any personal experiences with overdose?

I don't have any experience in this department.  

Do you agree with this analysis? Please feel free to elaborate.

I believe that there are many partners and studies that need to go into a public health, criminal policies before changes are made.

Are you familiar with the principle of harm reduction? Do you have any experience with harm reduction policies? Please feel free to elaborate.


What are your general thoughts on the decriminalization of cannabis? Please elaborate.

Cannabis has the potential of benefiting the lives of Americans, but there needs to be steps by the federal government to protect and educate the population on the social and economic out comes. I would support efforts by the federal government to declassify cannabis to a class 2 narcotic.

Are you interested in sponsoring drug policy reform legislation if you were elected? What would be some specific areas of focus or interest for you?

Not at this time

Anything else?

No, thank you.