Libertas Institute medical cannabis forum offers diverse perspectives - SU Independent


Over 100 people gathered at the Dixie Center on Thursday, July 16, to participate in a forum hosted by Libertas Institute to discuss options for legalizing medical cannabis use in Utah. While the forum focused primarily on legislation being advanced by Utah Sen. Mark Madsen (R-Saratoga Springs), other considerations—including the possibility of a referendum—were mentioned

This forum was the third in a series being conducted around Utah. The first, held in Ogden, focused on the law enforcement aspect of legalizing medical cannabis. The second, presented in Provo, focused on patients. This third forum covered multiple topics and allowed southern Utahns the opportunity participate in the debate. Additional forums are being scheduled in northern Utah and will include presentations addressing medical research and the science of medical cannabis, PTSD, veterans, suicide, and other topics concerning the push to legalize medical cannabis.

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