Linda Stay: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

Linda Stay is a giant in the Saint George, Utah community and is a symbol of the community. In December of 2014, Linda found a lump on her breast. After a biopsy she was diagnosed with Grade 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC.) The aggressive nature of the tumor and the high risk of recurrence mean that Linda was forced to undergo a bilateral mastectomy and 8 rounds of chemotherapy. After consulting with physicians, oncologists, and a naturopathic, Linda decided to undergo an aggressive chemotherapy treatment regimen.

This wasn’t Linda’s first bout with cancer, at the age of 35; Linda was diagnosed with a brain tumor and fought it successfully. She juggled raising 5 children, owning a lollipop factory, and serving actively in her church. This fight left her with Cushing’s disease, which has left her body’s immune system weakened and the treatment of her breast cancer more difficult.

Through her own research, it became clear that Linda needed cannabis not only to help fight the cancer, but to help with the severe symptoms of nausea and pain. Linda was able to find someone in California who specializes in helping people with cancer and dealing with chemotherapy symptoms. Linda was using high dose pain and nausea medications that completely disabled her. Linda was suffering with stomachaches, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and was not functioning on her own. She needed things to change.

As Linda began to incorporate Cannabis into her regime, she communicated with her oncologist, which was supportive in the limited way she could be. She was able to cut back on the pain pills and the nausea medications.

“The best thing was that I was able to cope with the symptoms and situation overall. My anxiety decreased, my pain was decreased, and I was able to sleep and eat, something that have become luxuries since I started my chemotherapy.”