Medical marijuana makes it onto upcoming Utah legislative agenda


SALT LAKE CITY — Jessica Gleim has to carefully plan for each day, but she also accepts that those plans may never come to fruition.

"Most days, I am just in bed," Gleim said. "I watch a lot of Netflix and have a lot of pajamas. Not that it is something I enjoy."

The 31-year-old Salt Lake City woman has a rare, complicated medical condition called trigeminal neuralgia. The left side of her face is constantly in pain, and the only cure is to sever the misfiring nerves, leaving no feeling at all in some places.

"I wake up every day with a migraine," Gleim said, adding that the cocktail of medications she takes for the chronic pain she endures is highly addictive and has the potential for various severe and debilitating side effects.

It is "no way to live," she said.

Gleim purposefully vacations to locales where marijuana is legal, and she has experienced relief from its various available forms. But she intends to be a law-abiding person in her home state.

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