November Medical Cannabis Update

November was an incredibly successful month for the Drug Policy Project of Utah. We’re coming back from our Thanksgiving break and wanted to give you an update on what we did in November.

Remember, our Giving Tuesday party is December 1st at Poplar Street Pub, join us for drinks, good food, and a great time. RSVP required as space is limited.

Here are the biggest updates from November:

1) Interim Session and Press Conference

We attended the Interim Session of the Health and Human Services Committee and listened to the presentations made on the medical cannabis bill being promoted by Senator Madsen and the CBD only legislation being proposed by Senator Vickers and Representative Daw. During the session Senator Vickers stated “there is potential great value in CBD.  I don’t see that same thing with THC so I have no desire to include THC in the bill.” This statement confirms what we already suspected, Senator Vickers’ proposal does not meet our key value of Whole Plant Access and would not provide relief for those seeking cannabis to treat pain or other illnesses that require THC. 

Following the Interim Session we had a very successful press conference at the state capitol building with patients seeking access to medical cannabis in Utah. All of the major news networks were present and the message was delivered clearly that Utahns are suffering and need medical cannabis to treat their worst symptoms. Check out our website for all of the great coverage.

2) New Patient Stories

This month we released the stories of two Utahns who are seeking access to medical cannabis. Kathleen Dennis, a grandmother and chronic pain patient and Paloma Sledge, a beautiful young girl who suffers from Dravet Syndrome. Read their stories and share them with your friends and family.

Patient stories are the backbone of this movement and we will not succeed until the stories of all Utahns who are suffering are told. 

3) Upcoming Events

In December, we have a host of upcoming events designed to education the public about our work and about medical cannabis. We hope you’ll join us at one of our events and get involved! You can see a list of our events on our calendar.  

4) New Facebook Page

And of course, last but certainly not least. We have moved our Facebook page to a new page. Head on over and give us a like to keep up with all of our work.