On the Issues: Candidate Surveys


We are excited to announce the start of the process for the first-ever Drug Policy Project of Utah Voter Guide. We are engaged in a painstaking process to collect responses from candidates for office this election cycle at all levels of government. DPPU’s 2016 Voter Guide was developed to help voters better understand where candidates running for office stand on issues relating to drug policy reform.  

We are excited to announce the Drug Policy Project of Utah Voter Guide which will list all the candidates running for office in Utah and provide our members and supporters with a comprehensive review of candidates' positions on issues related to our work. Candidates who participate in our survey are given an opportunity to directly communicate with constituents and voters. We have intentionally made all of the questions open-ended so that candidates will elaborate, share personal experiences, and articulate their positions fully. 

The Drug Policy Project of Utah has plans to attend over two dozen public events across the state to share our Voter Guide with voters across the state. We will also release the Voter Guide publicly to our thousands of supporters statewide. Many of the issues contained in the voter guide questionnaire are complex and not easily boiled down into yes or no answers and as a result we will publish the answers to the questions directly.

Our questionnaire is available here.

If you have questions or comments about the 2016 DPPU Voter Guide, please contact our President Turner C. Bitton at (801) 564-3860 or turner@dpputah.org.