Tamra Carter: Epilepsy

Tamra Carter is a resident of Southern Utah. She has two beautiful daughters and a very loving family. She loves camping, hiking and reading. She grew up with epilepsy as well as watching her sister suffer from seizures. She lived a life full of adventure and tried to never let the seizures control her life. It just was what it was. She seemed to outgrow the seizures and only had them off and on throughout her twenties and early thirties.

Until one day while at work, she felt an excruciating pain in her head and had a seizure at work. At the time, she was working two jobs and lost both of them because she was unable to work. Her seizures worsened and she was having anywhere from eight to twelve seizures a day. Luckily she was offered a job where they were ok with her seizures and she started taking medicine to minimize them. 

“When I had my first serious seizure after so long without them, I was devastated, I knew it was the beginning of a long road to my full recovery. I am beyond frustrated and I just want to live my life.”

After trying many kinds of medication that gave her hallucinations or more seizures, she finally got a VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulator) a pacemaker-like device intended to reduce her seizures. The VNS device malfunctioned and as a result, her doctor recommended that the device be removed. Frustrated and worn out, living alone and afraid, Tamra turned to medical cannabis. She found that within minutes of taking a dose of high CBD, low THC oil, the aura would quit and she would either not have a seizure or she would recover quicker after a seizure.

“With the right cannabis oil, I can be the productive person that I’ve always been. I want to work, I want to support my children but I can’t if I have to worry about seizures.

Unfortunately, because the medical cannabis is illegal, it causes stress trying to find a valid source. If she runs out, it leaves her vulnerable to crippling seizures.

After taking medical cannabis, Tamra has noticed a huge difference in quality of life. Since she began using medical cannabis, the intensity and number of her seizures has decreased and she has noticed that her memory became more clear and more focused. She is able to concentrate, hike, and enjoy life again. She’s getting her passion for life back and able to care for herself and her children better. She does have a medical service dog to help alert her of oncoming seizures in the cases where she runs out of the CBD she uses to control her seizures.

“My daughters are the greatest joy in my life but I’m afraid that without medical cannabis, I won’t be able to be the kind of mother they deserve. It isn’t fair for my daughters to have to learn what to do when mom has a seizure.”