URGENT UPDATE: Medical Cannabis Vote Tomorrow!


The Drug Policy Project of Utah is an IRS recognized 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to providing research and public policy analysis on issues related to drug policy, including medical cannabis

We know that misinformation exists on all sides of the issue and we are dedicated to providing research of the highest caliber to ensure that everyone has access to correct information.

That is why earlier this month we launched the Utah Medical Cannabis Research Center. Here you will find research about medical cannabis and other drug policies.

We are one of many organizations dedicated to creating a medical cannabis program in Utah but we are the only organization that is focused on reforming all drug laws, from the federal level, to the local level, and we need your support.


We need your help, now more than ever. Tomorrow the Utah Senate is voting on Senate Bill 73 and Senate Bill 89, both of which advance our goal of creating a medical cannabis program in Utah. Here is how you can help us:

1)   Send an email to your Representative and Senator with a link to our Research Center encouraging them to vote to create a medical cannabis program. Find your elected officials here.

2)   Follow our Facebook and Twitter, and encourage friends to join our email list to get updates on medical cannabis and other drug reform efforts.

3)   Become a member of our Movement Builder Network or make a donation to support our work. 

4)   Watch for notifications from us to sign the official ballot petition to get medical cannabis on the ballot in 2016. Information will be sent via email and social media. Note: You will have to sign a paper petition in order for your signature to help get cannabis on the ballot.  

Utah is fortunate to have many dedicated organizations fighting for medical cannabis and we recognize we are one of many. If you need any help or assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Thank you for your support.